Tarte Magical Makeup Unicorn Brushes

Tarte just released their New Limited Edition Make Believe In Yourself Magic Wand Unicorn Makeup Brushes and Makeup! I felt like a little giddy girl. My love for fairy tales and makeup combined in one. Here's a review to see if they are worth the hype and money.


Is it officially time to retire your matte lipsticks and contour palette? I never thought I would see the day. I personally will still rock my mattes in every season, but based on the latest Spring trends there’s a new technique you have to try.

Create A Charming Desk Space

A beautiful work space brings motivation and inspires us. I recently decorated a corner in my room for my office space and it made me so happy I just had to share it with you! Take a peak inside!

What's Inside My Makeup Bag

The weather is changing, which means your clothes, skin care routine, and makeup should too. Take a peek inside my makeup bag this season and see what I bring with me on the go.

 photo IMG_2329_zpsgqircoxm.jpg

Organize Your Travel itinerary In Your Planner

The most stressful part of traveling is a combination of not knowing what to pack due to your itinerary. I found it's a lot easier to write it down in your planner to have a simple timeline and help you with your outfits, what you need bring each day, and how much to pack. Here is a quick guide on how to organize this in your planner in a cute and stylish way.

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Louis Vuitton Agenda MM Set Up

Meet the new member of my LV family. It's the most stylish and classic piece I have in my planner collection and can't get enough of it. I instantly knew how to dress her up. Take a look inside!

 photo IMG_1861_zpszp3guhdf.jpg

Drugstore Beauty Highlight Must-Have

Makeup has gotten very expensive lately. A beauty routine can easily add up to over $100 nowadays. Realistically we want to look great without breaking the bank, but still look like a million bucks.  I like to find products that make me feel beautiful while still shopping on a budget. Here is an affordable highlighting stick you need to add to your makeup collection right now!

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Beauty Room Tour

I have always dreamed of a walk in closet big enough to display my purses, shoes, clothes, and accessories. Along with a beautiful lit vanity and endless makeup collection. If you are reading this I'm sure you have too. We have a spare bedroom in our house I converted into just that. I didn't hold back with what I wanted and everything came out beautiful just like I imagined it while on a budget.

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