Too Faced just came out with the most beautiful collection for the holidays. They include planners! What? I am drooling over this new collection. Is it selfish to want to buy it all for myself?

Tarte Magical Makeup Unicorn Brushes

Tarte just released their New Limited Edition Make Believe In Yourself Magic Wand Unicorn Makeup Brushes and Makeup! I felt like a little giddy girl. My love for fairy tales and makeup combined in one. Here's a review to see if they are worth the hype and money.


Is it officially time to retire your matte lipsticks and contour palette? I never thought I would see the day. I personally will still rock my mattes in every season, but based on the latest Spring trends there’s a new technique you have to try.

Create A Charming Desk Space

A beautiful work space brings motivation and inspires us. I recently decorated a corner in my room for my office space and it made me so happy I just had to share it with you! Take a peak inside!

What's Inside My Makeup Bag

The weather is changing, which means your clothes, skin care routine, and makeup should too. Take a peek inside my makeup bag this season and see what I bring with me on the go.

Organize Your Travel itinerary In Your Planner

The most stressful part of traveling is a combination of not knowing what to pack due to your itinerary. I found it's a lot easier to write it down in your planner to have a simple timeline and help you with your outfits, what you need bring each day, and how much to pack. Here is a quick guide on how to organize this in your planner in a cute and stylish way.

Louis Vuitton Agenda MM Set Up

Meet the new member of my LV family. It's the most stylish and classic piece I have in my planner collection and can't get enough of it. I instantly knew how to dress her up. Take a look inside!

Drugstore Beauty Highlight Must-Have

Makeup has gotten very expensive lately. A beauty routine can easily add up to over $100 nowadays. Realistically we want to look great without breaking the bank, but still look like a million bucks.  I like to find products that make me feel beautiful while still shopping on a budget. Here is an affordable highlighting stick you need to add to your makeup collection right now!