My Room!!!





This is what you lovelies see in the background of my videos :D My room was inspired by an older bed spread (you can see the design on my pillows). I love how the pink contrasts the black making it the accent color in my color palette.

This is another blanket that I like to switch to from time to time. I bought this one from Target for only $20! It is super comfy and warm. 

I made the Chanel pillow myself. I traced the pattern from a top that I bought Downtown. The Chandelier pillow is also from Target but is no longer in stock. I bought that about two years ago. The pink ruffle pillow can be found at HomeGoods, Marshalls, or TJMaxx. 

The "border" (not really a border) or background, (the wall) is scrapbook paper that I pasted on the wall to make my room stand out. It's an alternative to wallpaper. 

My pink damask lamp is also from Target. 

The night stand was refurnished. I painted it white and added new hardware from a home improvement store. 

As for the bow tissue box I made myself! For weeks I was on an endless search for a really cute tissue box that matched the theme of my room. Since I couldn't find one I decided to just customize one. I just added rhinestones and ribbon :)

Here is a closer look on what's on top of my dresser. Just like the night stand (drawer) next to my bed I painted it a matte black color. 

Both piggie banks are from Target. You can still find the princess piggy at your local Target store and online. 

The princess picture frame is from Marshalls. Inside is a picture from when I won Princess in a scholarship pageant. It's my boyfriend Ricardo and me :D after the competition. 

The Academy beauty display actually has makeup inside I found this at Sears quite a while ago. I don't use the makeup I just like it for display! 

The crown is from the same pageant I was in. It's quite big and heavy I love the bling! Instead of stashing it away in a box I thought It would brighten up my room almost like a chandelier and decided to display it instead.

The lamp is from Ikea. It was only $30 and it displays beautifully! The only downside is that it only turns on by plugging it to an outlet and not by a switch. 

On the wall is a damask cloth that I added to  give my room some visual texture and height to the ceiling.


  1. Love it! You have excellent taste!

  2. Love your room, the colors look so good together :)
    I love the pillows!!!

  3. Beautiful love!! I loved seeing all the details of your room, it is so cuuttee!! Can't wait for more :) love you!!

  4. I love love love your room! &I really like your dresser..where is it from? I don't think you mentioned it? Thanks <3 :)

  5. Your room is so cuuute !!! I really love the chanel pillow ;)

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    Thank you for your time!