Arm Candy

Stacking your bracelets trend: TIPS

This is one of my absolute favorite "Arm Candy" stacks. It matches with everything! The neutral colors allow me to dress it up or down. Lately I have been obsessing with rose gold. If I'm in a rush I know I can depend on this set of bracelets to easily grab and go! 

  • Watch is from Macy's 
  • Craft cobra braid bracelet I made myself (Click for Tutorial) 
  • White rhinestone bracelet is from H&M
  • DREAM bracelet is bcbgeneration brand I got mine from Macy's


Bcbgeneration Bracelets

As soon as I saw these I had to get them. My boyfriend bought me the turquoise bracelet that says "TRUE LOVE". A week later after he got me that one I was on a hunt for more lol. I went to two different malls and two different store in each to find them because they were running out of them fast. 

I want to wear these most of the time. The majority of my wardrobe at the moment is mixes of greens, turquoise, pinks, and neutrals. That is why these are perfect for me. When you begging stacking choose a statement piece first like these for example.You can also choose a watch as a statement piece as well.

TIP: Try and stack no more than two chunky pieces.





 Look at your outfit and choose a color that you want to accent (stand out). Let's say you have white button down shirt with pink floral print. You can choose pink as your accent color and add pink to your stack. 

Tip 2: I sometimes like to choose two accent colors from my wardrobe. 
  1. Bow bracelet from Forever21
  2. Stretchy pyramid stud bracelet from Forever21
  3. Pink bangle bracelet from H&M
  4. Square knot bracelet from Forever21
  5.  Craft cobra braid bracelet I made myself (Click for Tutorial) 




Once you  know what colored bracelet you want. The easiest part is  choosing the rest of the bracelets hardware. Does it have: gold, rose gold, metal, bronze, or silver, hardware (clasp, chain, ect.)? 

Tip: When shopping for bracelets to stack these are the ones that are the most important. 

  1. Pyramid stud stretch bracelet from Forever21
  2. Spike stretch bracelet from Ebay
  3. White stud stretch pyramid from Forever21
  4. From local boutique
  5. Pyramid stud stretch bracelet from Charolett Russe 
  6.  Spike stretch bracelet from Ebay
  7. Silver rhinestone bracelet from Charolett Russe  

Not only is this a trend but it is really easy and fun. Of  course you can stack them however you'd like. These are just a few tips I use to stack mine. I hope I answered your questions loves. 

Love, Belinda :D


  1. You are the arm candy queen!! <33

  2. I have to get that watch and bcdgeneration bracelets :)

  3. Love those bracelets !! I really like your blog and your youtube chanel ;) <3

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  5. Nice arm candy, I like the ones with one word on them.