Current Obsession: My Favorite Gold Glitter Nailpolishes!

My Current Obsession

I want to start doing weekly current obsession posts. What do you guys think? I go through these random obsessions when it comes colors, whether it's the color of my nails, accessories, shoes, or clothes. This week I have fallen in love with golds. All there are different shades of golds some are more yellow than others. My number one favorite shade of gold is ROSE GOLD. Who's with me? First of all my favorite color of all time has always been PINK, I even have pots and pans in my kitchen that are pink ha ha, so gold mixed with a shade of pink is fabulous!

NAIL POLISHES: (left to right)
  • Gold by Love & Beauty (Forever21) $2.80
  • Golden 485 by Sally Hansen hard as nails X-treme wear (Target) $2-$3
  • Rage by Orly (Sally's Beauty Supply) $7-$8
  • Disco Lights by Milani (Walmart/Walgreens) $5
  • No name sorry, but the brand is Stripe Rite (Sally's Beauty Supply) $5-$6
  • Gold For Me by Sephora by OPI (Sephora) $9-$10
They are all great quality but of course Orly brand beats them all because it dries very quickly and doesn't chip as much as the rest. The gold rhinestones are actually stickers that my friend Artie so kindly gave me. They are from Sephora as well :D

Here is a very simple outfit that compliments your fabulous nails!

Belinda Selene

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