My Style: Chanel Logo Shirt and High-waisted Frayed Shorts

My first fashion post yay!!!

As I was browsing through one day I stumbled across this bright Chanel logo shirt. Obviously it's not real since I found it on Etsy and Chanel does not make these kind of shirts. But, I do love Chanel! Who doesn't right? The color caught my attention and I fell in love with it! I even asked you beauties on twitter and Instagram to help me pick one (there was two I was debating on). Most of  you guys voted for this one! Thank you girlfriends ;)

The shirt is pretty good quality I was very impressed. The logo is printed on the shirt, like most manufactured logos are. It is made out of cotton and modal. The only downside is that they only carry one size. 

I wanted to pair it with really cute distressed/frayed shorts as well as really cute casual yet dressy shoes. The shorts are "cheeky" but wearable. I love my Jessica Simpson shoes!!! They are extremely comfortable, since they are wedges, and the elasticity of the bands make them easy to walk on for hours.

  • Chanel Logo Shirt in Light Blue $22 (
  •  Frayed Denim Shorts $37.99 (
  • Jessica Simpson Black Elastic Wedges from Macy's (sry couldn't find link)

The shirts come in different colors and different high fashion logos. Let her know I send you if you decide to purchase one :D I hope this gave you a little inspiration. Let me know on my twitter what you think of my first fashion post @MissBelindaxox.

xox, much love!


  1. LOOVEE!! You are soo tiny & TAN!! GAH xx

  2. That top is so gorgeous!
    Kisses from Finland

  3. Damn you look good in them jean hot pants. You have beautiful legs!

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