Tips to Grow and Repair Damaged Hair

My Hair Care Routine

Tips to repair damaged hair:
  1.  If you dye your hair, it's a good idea to let your natural hair color grow out. It's less chemicals on you hair.  
  2.  When styling you hair with heated tools, protect your hair with a heat tamer. 
  3. Do heat-less hair styles. Too much heat on your hair causes breakage and frizz. Here is a link to three different hairstyles that don't require hot tools. (Click Here)
  4. Use deep repair masks once a week to restore shine, softness, and vitamins to you hair. 
  5. Don't use too many hair products like hair spray or mousse. I replace those icky products with Argan Oil.
  6. Wash your hair at least every other day, you don't want your hair to be too dry. Too much scrubbing and washing gets rid of healthy oils your hair naturally produces that keep you hair healthy. 
  7. Most importantly trim your split ends at least once every two months. If you don't have bad ends trim only an inch. Cut the lifeline off that split end!

Products mentioned:
  • One 'n Only Argan Oil Treatment $9.99 (Sally's Beauty Supply)
  • Macadamia Natural Oil - Deep Repair Masque $30 (Target)
  • Beyond the Zone Pro Formula - Turn Up The Heat Flat Iron Protection $9 (Sally's Beauty Supply)
  • Micheal O' Rourke Rock Your Hair - Size Matters Big Volume Root Lift $20 (Target)
I hope this helped you lovelies!!!  I get a lot of questions about my hair. My natural hair color is black, but in certain lighting (as you can probably tell by the picture) it can appear to be a different color. At times it can look blue black, brown, and sometimes red. I have grown out my hair for almost three years now since I last dyed it "blonde". I had so many different colors I don't know what to call it anymore lol.

Much love!


  1. I found your site in google and I really appreciate your blog. Thank you for sharing your great tips and I really enjoy reading and sounds so interesting. It's really important that we care our hair because that's also gives our beauty and nice looks.

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  2. Hi! I'm just watching this on youtube so I came to check out your blog and I love it! I'm growing my hair for a year now and I can see the results only now, I guess it's in my genes, because I really take care of my hair and eat healthy etc. I hope to get to your lenght soon :) Followin your blog :) xoxo

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  3. thank you for the tips and info, I use another good product for restoring my hair, it's pro naturals moroccan argan oil and it has helped me a lot, leaves my hair soft, shiny and healthy. :)

  4. I got some pro naturals argan oil from and my hair was bleached and dry but the oil helped a lot, maybe you should try some. Thanks for your advice!

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