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Is it too early to get excited for Fall fashion? It's still warm outside especially when you still have the AC on in your house. But, I can't help it. I love the warm colors, spice lattes, pumpkin patch, the cute jackets and boots. I already started stocking my inspiration rack with clothes I can't wait to wear. (You can watch my video on where I got everything by clicking here). I started adding scarfs and some of my favorite sweaters just in case we have a chilli night ;) There are also more things I would love, to add to my inspiration rack for the new season.

I am already thinking of all the cute boots I can wear with outfits in my inspiration rack. You will only see me wear boots all Fall and Winter. I refuse to wear anything else. Though surprisingly I am willing to try other types of shoes as well, but this decision was just recent.  I am keeping an open mind.

These are some boots I am dying to have! My friend Alex showed me the Tory Burch boots and now I can't stop thinking about them.They are on my wish list and will eventually make their way to my closet soon. Well, most likely my inspiration rack in my room.  At least I hope (I need a second job ha ha).

Boots! (Links) 
This is just the begging of my Fall wish list. Would you like to see more posts on my wish list? Let me know if you would loves. What's on your wish list comment below or tweet me :D I would love to know.

Much love!

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  1. i really wanna know how you made your header photo!? :) its sooo cute!