What's Inside My Purse?

One of my very first videos was "What's in my purse?", video. (You can click here to watch it). That's almost a year ago! Wow, time really flies by. Since I'm already on my computer I thought why not just make a quick post of all the little goodies I like to take with me :D 

Cross body bag is from Forever21

I love vlogging! I always have to have my cameras ready! 

Coach Camera/Phone case

Flip HD Camera

Cannon Power Shot Camera

ID Holder (my money and cards)

I'm obsessed with lip products. You can always guarantee I will have a Revlon Balm Stain with me :D

Cupcake Tissues - Forever21
(I think)

Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain

MAC Dazzleglass


Your phone and keys are essential in any girls purse! I like mine to be themed and match lol. this is super girly of me I know. 

Fav Bath and Body Work Lotion
Sweet Pea

Vintage Case - I made myself

Chanel Logo Keys - I made myself

This is my favorite blush to keep in my purse because it has a big mirror and the color is beautiful! I can't go anywhere without an eyelash curler either! 

Clinique Blush - Precious Posy

Pink eyelash Curler - (Sally's Beauty Supply)

I hope you lovelies enjoyed this quick little post. 
Much love! Belinda

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  1. Im thinking of doing a "whats in my purse" video tomorrow!!! I really enjoy your creativity!!! you TRULY are an inspiration!!! I love you alot!! your loyal fan, Monica!!