Fall Wish List - Part II

(Clockwise from top left)

At the very beginning of the season, I posted a wish list and crossed my fingers I could get my hands on the items I wanted. I only had luck with two pair of boots from my wish list. Originally I wanted four of them hee hee. I guess 2 out of 4 is good. Now my list is getting bigger, but I have my reasons! I promise! 

Ever since I saw Heart wearing these cute heels from JustFab ($39.99) I couldn't stop thinking of so many different ways to pair them with outfits. I love the contrast between the black and gold, they also match the purse I recently bought from Marshalls.

Mint is defiently one of my favorite colors since spring. I'll still wear it in the fall and studs have been so trendy lately. I love big comfortable sweaters for Autumn. I think the spikes on the shoulders are the perfect touch on the oversized sweater from ROMWE Fashion ($46.99).

My poor little computer has gone through so much and has been giving me trouble lately. (Hint the lack of videos uploaded lately) It's hard to edit. My new investment will definitely be a Mac laptop next ;)

I know I have more than enough makeup, BUT as a beauty enthusiast I love it and want to try out products to share with you. I also do my friends makeup, so it doesn't go to waste. I like to see what works and what doesn't. The new Marilyn Monroe line at MAC is limited edition and I would love to add a Hollywood icon inspired blush to my collection ($22.00).

Like I have mentioned before, crossbody satchels/bags have been so popular lately. That's what I reach for mostly. I have different styles but I don't have a purse with silver hardware that match my cute grey boots. It has happened many times when I have to change what I'm wearing because the hardware doesn't match the rest of my outfit. I have been lusting over this Rebecca Minkoff mini mac ($195.00) for quite a while now. Hopefully within the next two months this little baby will make it to my inspiration rack.

Last but not least on my wish list is Heart's full outfit. She is one of the main beauties who really inspire my wardrobe. I just love her style it's always so girly and comfortable. She mentioned the sweater is from Forever21 and her boots are from Daily look. With my luck I haven't found either. Make sure to check out her YouTube channel ThatsHeart which I'm sure you have all subscribed to already. May I add I'm a bit obsessed with her Instagram pictures! They are all so bright and colorful :D

Let me know what's on your wish list I  would love to add new goodies to mine lol. Tweet me, Facebook me, or comment below :D I'm about to edit a new outfit of the day video for you that I shot today with Ashley... when I'm done eating these yummy strawberries I have right in front of me screaming for me to eat them.

Much love,


  1. Loving the heels and the mint sweater! I was dying to own one of MAC Marilyn Collection and was sold out everytime. Thankfully a fellow blogger was able to get me one :)

    1. I need to get my hands on one! They were sold out the other day. Love you blog btw!