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Over the last three to four months, ever since I purchased a lip stain from Revlon, I have been obsessed with lip products. I used to only wear a lip balm or lip gloss on my lips. Over where I live (borderline of Chicago/Indiana), it's rare to see girls with lip stick on. Even when it comes to special occasions, everyone just wears a clear lip gloss. I think a little lip color really enhances your natural features and makes you look radiant. It brings life to your face. It doesn't always have to be so dark.  A rose lipstick is now part of my daily makeup routine along with mascara and eyeliner. When I do a full face of makeup, for more of a night time look, I love to go for a bold berry lip. Here are some of my current favorite lippies.

These are currently in my everyday makeup bag. I'm usually rushing out the door and don't have time to choose which shade of lipstick I want to wear or touch up. Sugar Rose if my favorite lip balm for the horrible cold weather that dries and chaps my lips. I like the L'Oreal Caresse for an everyday subtle look. When I want to add some "umph" to my look I reach for my Chanel lipstick!

 Left to Right
Chanel-93 Exaltee    L'Oreal-175 Rose Taffeta   Fresh-Sugar Rose

Left to Right

PIXI-5 Radiant Rose  (From my firend's new makeup line no name yet) Revlon-180 Pink Pop  Mirenesse-4

These are my most recent favorites. The Pixi tinted lip balm beats all others like it. This color is beautiful for Fall and it stays on for at least 8hrs a day without drying out the lips. 

When it comes to lip glosses one thing that I cannot stand is when your hair gets stuck to your lips. Loose hair strands drag the lip gloss across your face and then your left with an unwanted shiny cheek. It's so annoying. I found these three babies didn't give me that problem. Currently obsessed!

Many of you beauties out there have requested to see my current favorite lip products at the moment and here they are.  I hope this helped some of you who are in the market for a new balm, gloss, or lipstick. I'm on my bf's laptop at his house while he's watching the Bears game hee hee.I should probably get off the computer now... I'm surprised I'm starting to get hungry already since we had a big lunch not too long ago. Let's see what's for dinner. Until next time! 

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  1. Totally thought i should let you know, you inspired me to make my own blog and make youtube videos. I already started making my own blog it isnt good yet but it will get there! Love your channel & blog (; xoxo !