Hello Kitty Collection at Forever21

I have been waiting for Hello Kitty apparel for a really long time since two seasons ago at Forever21. I could spend hours in there. I am really picky because I don't want to look too childish but still represent the girlishness in me. I'm looking forward to shopping this collection Sunday, when my girlfriends and I will be making a longer trip to a different mall, than to our usual favorite mall for an all girl's day out. Which will include breakfast ;) can't wait!

Set of 6 Cupcake Key Caps $5.80
Look at what I also found while browsing through the website! Ahhhh they are too cute! A friend of mine surprised me with these two years ago in a Valentine's day goodie bag. They are back in stock now! I used to be the cupcake queen and make cupcakes for any occasion and decorate them. I need to start doing that again :D

Instagram @MissBelindaxox

I know many of you asked where they were from and I didn't know until I found them online. Eeek too cute!

Cupcakes I made and decorated for Christmas 

I made these for a very special little girl, my boyfriend's cousin,  for her Halloween themed party.

Yeah I need to start making them again! They are very time consuming but it made me happy :D Soo totally off subject but I can't get  over how great the Twilight: Breaking Dawn Part II movie was! I went to the premiere last night and ahhhh I freaked out. They threw a little surprise in there but I loved it! Very unexpected since I read all the books. Did you go see it? What did you think?
Much love,

"Getting for the #twilight #breakingdawnpart2 premiere. Tonight's #makeup and I'm so excited"


  1. Can't wait to see these at Forever 21! I also had the cupcakes lol....and Breaking Dawn was AWESOME!! I was freaking out and so was the entire audience lol...great great movie! I love your post by the way...I love making cupcakes as well! :)