She's Turning 26!

My Sister's Birthday Bash 

When it comes to celebrating our loved ones Birthdays, we always go all out! Last Saturday was a night to remember and what better way to keep those memories alive then by capturing them on camera. My sister turned 26! She has already accomplished so much at such a young age and I am so proud of her! She is a role model for me. I love my sisi so much! She is definitely one of my biggest supporters in everything I do.

On her special day she invited 24 of her closets friends for a night of celebration.
We started the evening by having a couple of drinks at her house while we got ready for the night. After everyone arrived and played paparazzi, we danced and fist pumped  inside the party bus that took us to a night club in the beautiful city, where VIP service waited for us. 
This is our girl crew, missing two more that showed up fashionably late, they all have that strong sisterly chemistry.

My sister is one of the easiest people to shop for. I know her favorite brands by heart and as long as it's in her size she will genuinely love it. I had to wrap it in this really cute pink tissue paper of course. It's the little touches that make it more special.

Steve Madden Satchel

Her expression said it all. Thought of her immediately after seeing them. Thought about getting them in my size too hee hee.

Guess Shoes 

I wanted to add these beautiful pink and gold shoes to her, already large, shoe collection. I really need to show you guys a tour of her walk in closet I helped design. I'm a bit Jelly of her closet, its funny because we both love how her closet turned out  that we like to sit in there and talk about her new purchases. It's one of our hang out spots ha ha.

We made sure to give our Birthday girl the full glamor treatment. Beauty pro Artie did her makeup and nails, while I gave her big curls and voluminous hair.

 Twitter @MissBelindaxox

"Setting up to do my sister's hair for her birthday bash as well as two other friends and myself :D"

 It was an interesting night full of surprises, laughter, and lots of dancing. I didn't get a chance to take pictures in the club but good thing we took plenty before we left. Getting ready is always half the fun and excitement of going out. We had a good time planning this event for the last month including her Birthday dinner. Especially the shopping part! I'm glad we got to share it with our closets friends. 

I'm going to finish eating my Ben & Jerry's ice cream from last night that I didn't get to finish. Ricardo bought it for me since I was super stressed this week thank you baby. My favorite is Chunky Monkey! Yummy! Ice cream makes everything better, don't you think? Ginger is sleeping on my lap and it's making me want to take a I just noticed I'm always about to eat or already eat at the end of my posts. Yeah...I'm a fatty, but I can't help it I love food!

Much love,

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  1. Happy Birthday to your sister! Wishing her all the best :)
    You all looked amazing!!! Love your sister closet as well. I to would be hanging out in there if I had a closet like hers :)