Styling Winter Sweaters

Stand Out!

It's Winter time! Most of us find it hard to look cute under all of those layers of clothing. If you live in the Northern states like I do then  most of your wardrobe consists of unflattering boring sweaters. These are some of the most unique sweaters I have came across. I am so in love with them, especially with the small details. Stand apart from your friends and show them your personality in your outfit. For example lace adds a touch of femininity without exposing skin and staying warm. Spikes on the shoulders add a chic and rocker look while wearing a bright fun color. Let's play dress up in my closet, I want to show you how I style them.

Sweater $32 | Necklace (JcPenney) $12 | Sweater Thights (Marshalls) $7 | Booties (Target) $35

Sweater  $46.99 | Grey Pants (JcPenney) $10 | Hamilton Micheal Kors Boots $265 | Gold Rose Bracelet $18 | Mint Chain Bracelet (DIY) | Bcbgeneration Bracelet (Macy's) $18



 If you have a plane Jane sweater spice it up with bold accessories, enhance the details. Most of the time outfits are just not complete without accessories that make that one simple top stand out. I also love adding a bright lip. Don't be afraid to experiment, after all the world is your runway. You never now who you may have inspired ;)

Sweater $25 | Jeggings (Mashalls) $12 | Rampage Boots (Macy's) $65 | Quilted Handbag $32.99 | Silver Cross Bracelet $20 | Red Bangles (WetSeal) $5 | Black Thick Chain Bracelet $18| Sephora Rouge The Red 04 Lipstick $12

Sweater (American Eagle) $24 | Black Bubble Necklace $24 | Thermal Tights (TJMaxx) $7 | Leg Warmers (Hollister) $24 | Rampage Boots (Macy's) $65 | Nars Schiap Lipstick $24

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Much Love,
Belinda Selene

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