Sweet Surprise!

One of my best friends on YouTube, Rhonda aka Dotlash, surprised me with a box full of goodies as a Holiday gift. Ahhh!! I loved everything. Her personal letter just about made me cry. Without Rhonda, 2012 wouldn't have been one of the most amazing years of my life. She is the sweetest thing ever and she is just as beautiful on the inside as she is on the outside. 

The way everything was wrapped was too cute for words! I didn't want to ruin the way she packaged them. My two favorite colors are pink and turquoise/mint.  Her sister, who works at Vix Paula Hermanny, also sent me a very touching letter and presents, along with a catalog that she wrote!

 She made everything so personal and included little notes to each item. Everything described me so well. She went above and beyond! She gave me my very first Dior nail polish in my favorite color pink. She made the picture frame, which is actually a mini chalk board to write notes on. How cool is that?!? I freaked out! You spoil me Rhonda.

I just loved everything! I feel very blessed to have supportive people in my life like Rhonda. She has made YouTube a wonder experience for me and we can't wait to go to IMATS together in the summer! Since we are both partners with Style Haul we are so excited to attend the party they host every year as well.

Make sure to check out her Youtube channel as well as her blog! I am so obsessed with her blog.
Youtube Channel - Dotlash

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  1. Awww!! Thank you sooo so much for all the sweet words boo -- seriously love you!!! And phew, I am so happy to know that the frame didn't crack!! I was so worried lol - hope you enjoy everything my love! You deserve it!! <33