Tiffany Blue

 Flowers Walmart | Snake Skin Tray Ross |  Candle Walmart | Babylips Target | Steve Madden Satchel

I did a little shopping and I noticed I have become obsessed with this gorgeous color. Tiffany blue, Mint, and Turquoise, have become the trendy colors this past year and will carry on for a much longer time. I have noticed that it catches my eye just as much as the color pink. You know it's serious when that happens. My boyfriend describes my love for pink, like a cat when it sees a shiny object. I immediately draw my complete attention towards these two colors. I don't even want to burn the candle. I'm thinking of incorporating this beautiful color into my home decor. 

Can't wait to style this beauty!


  1. omg where did you get that bag?! are you by any chance interested in selling it?