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Valentine's Day is tomorrow! It's one of my all time favorite holidays due to all of the pink everywhere you go! I'm a hopeless romantic and love the candy, flowers, hugs, kisses, movies, songs,  ect.. I can go on and on. We all agree that's it's a "Hallmark" holiday but who cares? Enjoy the moment and it's a great excuse to get all smooshy around this time of year. It helps rekindle love and passion. So guys don't forget about your girl and get her something special that comes from the heart!

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Painting my nails always relaxes me and unwind from my day. I usually paint them at night, with a lit candle, while I catch up on my favorite TV shows. In the spirit of the season I couldn't forget to decorate my nails of course. I had a lot of fun painting them and took inspiration from some wonderful gals.

Left to Right 

Here is where I learned to do the lips on my pinky.

I followed her simple tutorial to do the hearts.

More nail art from Tweety. She is Amazing! Make sure to follow her beautiful art work on Instagram!

Get Inspired!

Here is more Valentine themed nail art from my Pinterest board!
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Let's Get Glamorous! 

 Ahhh can't wait for tomorrow! What do you have planned?

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Tomorrow I'll post what I got my boyfriend for Valentine's Day stay tuned!
Much love,
Belinda Selene

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  1. Aw thank you soo much for the feature on your blog. I love it! And your blog so much! Mostly because I love pink too :)