Ruffles - Redecorating My Room

New Bedding can change an entire room! After purchasing a new bed spread for my bed room it inspired me to rearrange everything. My room feels so much bigger and girlier. If that's even possible. I feel like a princess! All I need now is a good  full length mirror with a white frame. I looked everywhere and they are very pricey. I might just have to make my own ;)

Ruffle Bed Spread, Two Shams, and One Sequins Pillow from Marshalls

♥ Black Ruffle Pillow (Walmart)
♥ Silver Sequins Pillow (Hobby Lobby)
♥ Chanel Pillow (Tutorial on my YouTube channel)
♥ White Circle Ruffle Pillow (Marshalls)
♥ Keep Calm And Carry On (Hobby Lobby)

Time to go bake cookies with one of my best friends Alex! We are making chocolate chips at her house! Yummy!

Much love,
Belinda Selene


  1. hey,i am a blogger also and i just want to say that i love your room and your style! too cute. i even recommended your site on my blog
    : )

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  3. your bedroom is adorable , i love the new bedding ruffles are so cute! and that pink bed skirt brings it al together so well

  4. hey,i'm, a blogger and i'm redoing my room and just wondering how much your bedding is as in the uk i cannot get hold of it do you know anywhere else there is similar ones??

  5. What is the name brand of the comforter?!

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