The Proposal

 How he proposed.

 The 21st of every month we always remind each other how long we have been in love. On our 106th month anniversary we went out to eat to our favorite local restaurant. It just so happen that the 21st landed on our date night, which is every Thursday. After a good dinner we drove to our spot. Our special place is on the way back from the restaurant and we never miss it to stop and give each other a kiss. Even when we are mad at each other, Ricardo will drive there to make up. It's has been a very special place for us for the past year. 

That morning I had a bad day. Work was a bit frustrating and I didn't feel like going out to eat. I just wanted to order take out and cuddle on the couch watching our favorite show. He encouraged me to go out to eat and hinted to dress nicely. It was a bit odd since he never cares how I look. I  could be in sweat pants and a t-shirt without makeup and he will still be all over me. He makes me feel so special, like I'm the only girl in the world.

His company changed my whole mood and made me feel better. I love how he makes me smile and cry laughing. On our way back home he was quiet and I was asking him what kind of paper envelopes are made out of since they don't smear when it gets wet. As you can see I had no idea that our lives were about to change. We stopped at our spot and instead of a kiss he asked "did you hear that? Something hit my car."

I was a bit confused as he got out of the car. He went on the other side of the car and opened my door...then he got down on one knee. Trying to hold my emotions in I tried holding back my tears of joy. He started stuttering. Ah he pulled out the ring he said "baby I love you so much and want to spend the rest of my life with you....I I", then he started crying and I threw my arms around him. Of course I started crying as he place his promise on my finger. He picked me up and we kissed. 

There were cars trying to pass around us. Once we got inside the car I was so happy I couldn't stop crying. He held my hand on our way back home and didn't want to let go. He told me that he had a whole speech prepared that he wrote a while ago, but he was so nervous he forgot most of it. It felt like a dream to me. He knows how much I love surprises his proposal was better than I have ever dreamed.

When we arrived at his house to share the good news with his parents, we were welcomed by our loved ones with opens arms. His Mom and Brother had called our family one hour before we got there with a mysterious text to be there for a surprise. As they walked in the door there were balloons, food, champagne, and a sign that congratulated us on our engagement. 

It meant the world to me to find all of them there along with our best friends on such short notice. I know they will always be there for us no matter what, that we can count on them. It was the happiest day of my life. Anxious to get married we have already begun the wedding planning.

I have been MIA for a while, and I couldn't wait to share the wonderful news with the world. We knew we would get a lot of phone calls and visits that's why we decided to share the news with only our close family. We really wanted to enjoy the feeling of being engaged and talk about our future together. It has been very special. Every moment since Thursday has been so memorable. I can't believe how many people has sent us their blessings and support. Thank you! 

Much love,
Belinda Selene and Ricardo

The meaning, the promise, the man behind it...

Ricardo's dad wrote a beautiful poem.

True love is like a Diamond:
It is beautiful, precious, rare and lasts forever.
It may not be perfect, it may have some flaws, but it endures.
It does not stay new. It may change, get some scratches here and there. It may transform in intensity, passion, and shape.
It will always shine, as long as there is light. Even in dark times it patiently waits, for its power and potential are forever present.
It never looses its beauty, for it's "meaning" is abstract, sublime, and forged by God himself.

(Inspired by Ricardo and Belinda)
Marcelo Villa Nuñez.


  1. This is soo cute!! Congrats Belinda!!!!! I'm so happy for you guys :) Your ring is so beautiful *drool* and I wish you and Ricardo the best of luck!


  2. You and Ricardo are soo cute! Wish you two al the best! You deserve it! And Ricardo's dad is so awesome! Love that poem!Cant wait the wedding and see you in wedding dress... ^^ :) <3

  3. Congrats once again! Such a lovely poem!

  4. Oh my goodness! You completely made me cry reading your post. Many congratulations to you and your fiance. I wish you both a wonderful journey towards the big day and all the days that follow. By the way the poem your son to be father in law wrote is beautiful and very true <3

  5. This post is just so cutes! Congrats to the both of you :)

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  7. Amusing proposal story! I'm so happy for you. I teared a bit on the poem <3 Congratulations!

  8. I've crying like crazy
    God bless you, you're perfect for each other<3

  9. AHH oh my gosh that was the cutest wedding story ever!! He was so nervous and pretend something hit his car and proposed oh my gosh so cute! Now look at you guys having a happy marriage wow!

  10. Where did he get your ring? It looks like a Tiffany!