Valentine's Day

A day filled with love, romance, kisses, hugs, friends, sweet text messages, chocolate covered strawberries, m&m brownies, love letters, adorable fortune cookies, heart to heart conversations, special gifts, our favorite dinner, and ended the night holding hands watching Safe Haven with my favorite person.

Gifts For Him

I decorated all of Ricardo's gifts by personalizing each box. I have a drawer full of stickers, decals, and ribbon for these special occasions ;)

Every year he know he gets his customized candy box full of his favorite chocolates. I think it's more special that way. His favorite kind of jogging pants, since he rarely gets to dress down anymore, a new wallet, and a tie for work.

I hope everyone enjoyed this beautiful holiday full of love.
Much love,
Belinda Selene


  1. Very thoughtful presents :)

  2. Love your gifts idea. :)