Meet Lola!

This eight week old puppy's name is Lola! We are all madly in love with her! My sister just adopted this sweet little baby less than 48 hours ago and she's already spoiled with love. I love how clumsy and bouncy little puppies can be. They have so much energy and then collapse on the floor anywhere to take a nap. Even though I am extremely allergic to dogs I couldn't help hugging her. 

My little peanut got along with her cousin yay! They are both the same size and color right now.

Ginger went along with us to find Lola's necessities. It was Ginger's first time at the groomers too. Which cost me a pretty penny. I usually do it myself, but this time I left it to the professionals. Ricardo was starting to call her chops ha ha! Hey I tried right?


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  1. Omg I just love Ginger!! I wish I could meet her lol and Lola is so cuuttee!!