My Jewelry Storage - Bracelets and Stud Earrings

My love for arm candy is getting a bit out of control and so is my limited storage for it. I had to come up with a clever idea to not only store them, but also display them in a presentable way. If they are not out where I can see them, then I forget what I have. Out of sight out of mind. With all of my colorful pieces I decided white would look best to hold my bracelets. I used simple items like vases and milk glass bowls to store them.

As for my stud earrings, I kept a necklace gift box from Shoplately to neatly spread them out. The styrofoam keeps them elevated without damaging the back of the earring.

My Spring cleaning is slowly progressing hee hee. I got rid of bracelets I no longer wanted or cared for. Next is my closet. That's going to be a challenge. It's almost five in the evening and it's time to get dolled up for a fun  night at the movies and a yummy dinner with my family. How's your Friday so far? Thanks for stopping by!

Much love,
Belinda Selene

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  1. Very cute post! Love those breaclets :)

  2. I really like how you set that up! I have some jewelry and I really didn't know how to organize it until I saw this blog post.
    So thank you so much!

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