Tory Burch!

Your staple pieces should be those little investments you can always rely on when it comes to fashion. For example a little black dress, a bold lipstick, comfortable heels, flattering skinnies, and so forth. You will get your money's worth because you will get a good use out of them. That is why I have been eying these beauties for the past year and finally decided to get them.

Though they are a bit pricey, they are very much affordable. The leather will mold your feet perfectly making them comfortable and long lasting. The back of the ballerina flats are designed not only to avoid blisters but also to hug your feet for the perfect fit.

I have owned quite a few pairs of flats and they don't last me very long, but I know these will. They are extremely versatile and I know I'll get a good wear out of these. They are going straight to my inspiration rack! Just finished editing a video, which will be live any minute, now time for a nice shower and off to bed I go. Good night!

Much love, 
Belinda Selene


  1. LOVE your Tory flats, I have the same ones.

  2. Hope you are still loving your Revas, I still love mine. In fact my collection of Revas has exploded and now looks like this
    I just watched your recent video and I must say "I love your gold Revas." I recently bought the Tory Burch Minnie travel flats in gold. These ones,
    They are super cushy and comfy and still look just like the iconic Revas. I do have several collections of Tory flats other than the Revas. If you are interested please check out my blog.

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