JustFab - Anais & Audri Review

Meet the latest additions to my shoe collection, Anais and Audri! I'm having the honor of collaborating with JustFab shoes. Every month I get to choose two items from their lookbook and share them with you beauties. JustFab has done an amazing job at building a reputation  in the fashion industry and I'm very excited to be part of it. Though it is not required, I will be sharing what I choose each month and review each shoe on its comfort, quality, and how I would style them. 

This gorgeous style is becoming a huge trend recently. Aimee from Song of Style is constantly rocking them on her Instagram. The two thin straps is very sexy. They are surprisingly more comfortable than pumps due to the security strap around your ankle. Which, allows you to walk without your foot going in and out of your shoes. It keeps your heel in place. 

Some JustFab shoe's heel look a bit too  high, this heel is only 4.25" which makes it easier to walk in. If your inexperienced you won't look like a dinosaur. 

 The only downside is that since there is no platform to reduce the impact while walking they may start hurting after a short period of time. 

Dirt easily sticks to the light color sole. They appear to look and feel like real leather though the material is a bit delicate. The heel and straps are sturdy.

A classic black skinny pair of heels like this is an essential in every girly girl's closet. They match pretty much anything from fringe high waisted distressed shorts to a cocktail dress.


Another classic heel, a neutral color wedge. I immediately wanted a pair of shoes this color ever since I saw an inspiring outfit on Instagram where @rinasenorita matched her leather shoes with a cute casual leather purse of the same color. Though they are not the exact style of shoe, I still loved the idea of loud prints with simple accesories. I just couldn't find the perfect pair until now.

Not only are they wedges, the most comfortable heel there is, but it's a small heel only 3.5". You can rock the illusion of long lean legs at the mall, at a party, or out for dinner. 

I like my straps to be very snug around my ankle, but when I buckled it tight the back of the shoe was poking me. I have to adjust the strap loosely in order for it not to bother me. It feels and looks like real leather. The material that over lays your feet area really soft and sturdy. 

This is going to be my go-to pair of wedges for the Summer! You can wear them with a cute Summer skirt, a romper, and any color in your wardrobe will match. I will be packing these babies in my luggage for my trip back to California. I know I will be doing a lot of walking but thanks to these, I will still look fabulous! 


I was stalking both the UPS and FedEx men until they were delivered to my apartment. Hee hee... The shipping was faster then expected. They are both so lovely I can't wait to wear them out and get a chance to shot some photos for you guys. If you were contemplating whether you should make a JustFab purchase I hope this blog post helped you out. Now it's time to get dolled up, my FiancĂ© and I are going to his family's party and Ashley's cook out. Can you guess which shoe I'm going to plan my outfit around? 

Much love,
Belinda Selene


  1. Ahhh yaaayy!! They came in!! I'm so glad you love them boo!! And omg I can't wait until mine come in ( I got the Anais too but in silver lol!!) Can we wear them together in Cali?? Hahaha I love the wedges you chose too love. Can't wait to see you wear them in upcoming pics!! Love you!!! <33

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    Mucho amor, gracias xoxoxo


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