Best Glitter Nail Polishes!

I can't believe I just found out about these gorgeous glitter nail polishes. They aren't your usual silver or gold one-size glitter polishes, they are densely packed with a variety of glitters and colors in an opaque formula for the perfect mani. 

As I was browsing through Walmart in the Hard Candy isle for a lip stain I came across their nail polishes. I was immediately drawn to the cute packaging. You know me and pretty things. They had a large variety of colors that I have never seen before. The glitter polishes are my favorite. I picked up one and went back the next day for two more. 

I combined Hard Candy's "Hip Hip Hooray" with Nicole by OPI "Pretty In Plum", from Selena's line. Which came in my last month's Ipsy bag. I used two coats of the Hard Candy glitter polish. 

For $4 I think it's an amazing deal. There are no other nail polishes I have came across that look anything like these. I am still on the hunt for BlackTieOptional. I don't want to pay shipping online and hope they restock it soon in my local area. 

I hope everyone is having a wonderful day. Make everyday special. I'm writing this post from the hospital today while taking care of my mami.  She's doing better than she was two days ago. Hopefully they figure out what's wrong so we can take her home. It hurts to  see her in pain and attached to all of these gadgets. Right now she's finally able to rest so that's good news. You guys have no idea how much your sweet comments have been helping me get through this. 

Much much much love,
Belinda Selene


  1. I love glitter polishes and these are beautiful! :) The only thing I don't like about glitter polishes is that they're a pain in the butt to remove. It's like trying to remove super glue haha. I'm going to have to give these a try though, they're really pretty and so different from the average glitter polish.
    Also, I hope your mami gets better soon! Keeping you all in my prayers! <3

  2. Etude House has a bunch of amazing glitter nail polishes especially in their "dear my party nails line" (I got them for $3 each). Please do more ipsy bag/subscription box review if you don't mind. I really love those videos from you :D
    Hope your mom gets better soon <3