The Shiny Things

While trying to kill time before a meeting I stopped by a nearby Marshalls and came across the perfect little "wallet" for my everyday purse. Rebecca Minkoff doesn't have silver wallets in their current collection, or they do and I didn't look very hard, at least to my taste. Luckily I found this for half off the retails price. I'm sure I'm not the only girl who loves to match the same design or designer to her hand bag. 

Nowadays I only buy small little wallets that fit in my cross-body bags, thus eliminating a bunch of useless items at the bottom of my purse, that I think one day will come in handy. Like a band aid, neosporin, or a billion lipsticks. That day still hasn't came.

I got for such a great deal it was almost a steal. I love how it compliments the hardware on my Mini Mac. I love this time at night. I have a beautiful Pink Tulip candle from Bath and Body Works burning while listening to my favorite tunes. Right now I have, "We Can't Stop" on replay by Miley Cyrus. Gingi looks so cute sleeping right next to me. Well off to bed I go it's late and tomorrow is going to be a fun early day for me. Good night beauties!

Much Love,
Belinda Selene

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  1. i just found your blog and it's amazing :)
    just a little hard to read, because im from Finland and i'm not good at english :D