Fall Beauty Staples

Fall is slowly creeping up on us and since it's my second favorite season I want to be prepared. It means apple cider lit candles under a warm blanket with a Pumpkin Spice Latte from Starbucks in your hand.  When the leaves are turning those beautiful hues of red it inspires me to update not only my wardrobe but my beauty products as well. It's time for shadowed eyes and vampy lips. Though I am of a darker olive skin tone, I still turn pale with cooler climates. Nothing looks more gorgeous than the look of burgundy lips.

I was in the city this morning and after a meeting, I went on a little shopping trip for what will become my Fall Staples. I made a little investment on some luxurious lippies as well as nail polishes. 

For nail polishes I choose these three. I can picture this Marc Jacobs nail polish with a gold accent nail for a classic look. After watching That's Heart video I have been on a hunt for this beautiful green shade from Topshop. It will be that pop of color I need when I pair darker outfits. 

Marc Jacobs cosmetics recently launched early August 2013. I want to go back and try out more of this new line at Sephora. 

The most luxurious lipstick added to my collection. The packaging itself makes you feel glamorous. It is made out of the same genuine leather that their hand bags are made out of. I needed a lip color I could wear on a daily basis. 

This is the perfect shade of burgundy I was originally on a hunt for. YSL makes some of the most long lasting lipsticks. Not only are they  soft on your skin, they are never sticky, and you forget your wearing lipstick. 

I put it on while I was testing it at Sephora, and even after having lunch and hydrating though out the day, with my bottled water, five  hours later it was still on my lips. A little faded but I like how it stained my lips. Don't mind how tiered I look hee hee.


  1. how did you do your white nails with the black splodges? x

    1. I put on Sally Hansen's white nail polish and coated it with Hard Candy's Black Tie Optional ;)

  2. I love the YSL lipstick its a beautiful color! I am so getting that lipstick!

  3. Hey belinda, just wanted to say i love your designs and style.i was wondering if you could tell me how to recreate that first pic with the comfy sweater and the black and white cheetah skirt with the black tights and those shoes( where can i buy them) or if you could make a youtube video with some outfit ideas for a thanksgiving family gAthering .. Also congratulations on the engagement!!!:)

  4. I really love the YSL lipstick color! Hugs from Sweden!