Blogs You Have To See!!! My Fav Bloggers!

This has to be one of the most gorgeous and addicting blogs known to beauty lovers! It is extremely glamorous, classy, and girly! All of my favorite adjectives hee hee. I love how Liz incorporates affordable and luxurious items to her posts. Her pictures are purely eye candy! 

My gorgeous YouTube bestie! Definitely a trend setter!  She has this rocker, sexy, and sometimes feminine/grune style appeal that is extremely unique and classic. She has the cutest personality and is down to earth.  Rhonda can you be my personal stylist? I can always count on her to find my staple pieces. Don't just take my word for it you have to check it out for yourself. 

A blog where you get more answers than you thought you could ask. When I want to splurge on any beauty product this is my one stop for full details. Usually when I want to reach a little deeper into my pocket for high-end makeup I research the product to make sure it's worth the extra money. I feel like I have the actual product in my hand with her descriptions and reviews. 

Her style screams high-fashion couture, but what you may not realize is how ridiculously affordable her wardrobe is. I love how you can shop every piece she's wearing in all of her posts. She adds links from  head-to-toe.  I wish I could put outfits together like her. Though I can't find myself pulling off what she pairs together at times. Hee hee. If you have a rare garment in your closet and need inspiration to rock it, you can always count on her blog for ideas. 

One of my favorite past times is reading fashion, beauty, and home decor blogs! I would love to see yours! Comment below if you have a blog ;)

Much love,
Belinda Selene


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  2. Hey there belinda! I am a style blogger from Chicago! It's awesome to see people from Illinois rocking it! Love your fashion videos! My blog is

  3. Hello Belinda♥ I like to watch your videos and this is my blog
    You and ThatsHeart are my favorite beauty bloggers #besos