Glam Vanity and Makeup Collection

I finally went through all of my makeup and gave my vanity a little make over. I love how soft and feminine it looks now. Since I was snowed in for two days, due to a large snow storm and literally negative degree freezing weather, I re-organized everything.  Makeup that I no longer wanted and some new that I wasn't going to use, I put in a bag and let my family and friends go through it. 

 I'm a sucker for cute packaging and keep pretty little things on top. This year I'm making going to invest a little more on YSL lippies. Let me know what your favorite shade is! I would love to get a shade you love. 

This is how I displayed stored and displayed my makeup brushes for a long time, but wanted something different. It sadly cracked in half and had to replace it. Here is a post showing you guys how I glittered these candle holders. Click here! 



I made a few changes in my room as well. Can you spot the difference? I will be doing a full Room Tour at the end of this month. A full room tour, in detail explaining where everything is from. In the meantime I am editing a closet tour.

You can watch my full makeup collection here. This is a collaboration with my love Kathleen aka KathleenLights on YouTube. She is just so gorgeous. Be looking out on a lot of collaborations with her. I'll let you in on a little secret...we are doing a swap! I haven't done one of those in about a year and a half and it's like Christmas all over again. 

Watch Kathleen's Makeup Collection and Vanity Tour.

I hope you enjoyed these and it gave you ideas on how you can store your makeup. Time to dress up and go to my honey's house. Running errands, wedding planning, and then movies with our good friends. 
Muchos Besos,
Belinda Selene


  1. I wish my now looked like your before haha! Thanks for the inspiration! :) x

  2. the only difference i see is the new bedding :) and the nw pillows? maybe some DIY :) loved the video and cant wait for the closet and room tour! Love u! U are my favorite youtubber :)

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