New Year New You: Let's get motivated!

Last year I told myself that I will be a much healthier person and that I needed to make a change in my lifestyle. I didn't want to stick to a diet where I would eventually give up. I love food way too much to be restricted. So how did I loose 20lbs? I simply added fruits and vegetables to meals and reduced the size of my portions. In no time I lost the weight easily. You can check out my first fitness video by clicking here. Now I want to tone up and look great in a bathing suit. I was too lazy to work out, but now I found my motivation, what's yours?

Everyone wants to look fabulous and fit, if that was everyone's motivation we would all have six packs. There has to be something more to get your butt off that couch and work out. Mine is cute clothes, not only do I want to fit great in my wardrobe but also want to look cute while doing it. When you buy cute work out clothes, you want to wear them. What better excuse to go to the gym?

Cala Capri | Lim Capri | Corbet Jacket | Vanessa Tank

Fabletics by Kate Hudson is not only advanced workout gear but are very flattering too. You won't have panty lines or clothes so tight you can't breath in them. So far, I have tried out the leggings, a tank top, and the jackets. No other brand can compare to these leggings! They are amazing.
I am obsessed with their new line and love working out in them!

I'm extremely sore from yesterday's workout and had to roll out of bed ha ha. In my next blog post I'll talk about my gym workout routine. Filming today, out for frozen yogurt with Alex, a little shopping, and then to the gym it is! We are going to check out Pretty Little Liar's line at Aeropostale eek! Who else loves PLL?

Muchos besos,
Belinda Selene


  1. A great post about finding ways to inspire yourself to get fit. I recently started working out again for similar reasons to yours. It’s only been about a week so far and I already feel better!
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  2. My friend was gaining weight and took a New Year resolution to join gym this year. Before joining it she purchased workout gear from a reputed store. They were on great discount there. Planning to have few for my gym training too.