Oh So FAB! Riva Heels

How stunning are these heels. These are sure to turn heads. They are part of the new arrivals from January and already sold out. I can definitely see why. They are extremely unique and extremely chic. A new staple to my flirty wardrobe.

Five inch heels are not very comfortable for me, but these don't feel too high. I can bear wearing these for a night out. Beauty is pain. I would recommend these to gals with a little more experience in walking in high heels. If your not used to the height, practice walking in them at home. 

 The only downside is that since there is no platform to reduce the impact while walking they may start hurting after a short period of time. The whole shoe is stiff, which doesn't leave a lot of wiggle room around the ankle. They need to be broken in. 

You would never know they are faux leather. They are extremely firm and have great structure. None of the stitching is visible and it's made well. They are true to size. 

You can easily style these with anything. I can picture these with a pair of denim jeans and white t-shirt, or a high waited skater skirt with a cute sweater.  All I need now is for it to get a little warmer outside to rock these bad boys. They are not snow friendly. 

Once the weather cooperates, I will be posting a couple of outfits with the Riva heels. This is the outfit I wanted to wear yesterday, but there's still snow on the ground. Instead I had to settle for riding boots. On my way to Church soon and then lunch with some of my bridesmaids.
Muchos Besos,
Belinda Selene