New Nail Polish Line From JustFab

PaintFab $5.95

New to the JustFab family is PaintFab! Now JustFab is not only keeping you stylish with their gorgeous shoes, handbags, and apparel, but also fabulous nail polish! JustFab truly represents all the glamorous reasons why it's so much being a girl. Painting my nails is one of the many ways I can share my creativity. Which is one of the many reasons why I love nail polish so much! 

Pink Slip Me A Drink | Modern Mauvels

To start off, they have a great color selection and are a higher quality of nail polish. Plus the packaging is adorable. I was very impressed with the 2-IN-1 top & base coat nail polish formula. It dried my nail polish a lot faster and helped the embellishments on my nails last longer too. Usually they will fall of within two to three days depending on the activity. They have surprisingly lasted for seven days now. 

Normally I change my nail polish about every three days. Lately I have been so busy I barely have to sleep, let alone paint my nails. I'm glad I polished them with PainFab and didn't have to worry about chipped nails. 

It's currently two in the morning, but just had to share with you loves about this new and cute nail polish line. Gingi is sleeping on my lap and looks adorable. I want to squeeze her I should probably go to sleep but I'm about to paint my nails again ha ha. Tomorrow my Sisi and I are going shoe shopping for my wedding eek! The big day  is getting closer and closer. I also just got the wedding invitations in from Wedding Paper Divas. I'll make sure to make a post and video on them. Your going to love them, they are beyond beautiful! 

Muchos besos,
Belinda Selene


  1. Wow! Great post, loved it! Check out my beauty blog! I am in LOVE with your site!

  2. woow like I said in Insata i didnt know they have naipolish hehe ! colors are super pretty! love the design that u came up with! hugs! love looking at ur pics!

  3. I will definitely be checking them out the colors seem really sophisticated!

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