Honeymoon In Paradise

Imagine waking up the a breath-taking view of of the ocean. It doesn't matter what day of the week it is or what time. During the day you sit on the beach while sipping on ice cold pina coladas. You watch the waves crash onto the white sand and when you dip your feet in the water it's very warm yet refreshing. Ricardo and I had that for five days on our honeymoon. It was as if time had stopped and we were in paradise. It was a very sweet gift from my Father-in-law. All we had to do was show up. I couldn't be any more happier and thankful. 

Here are some of the things we did and where able to capture while on our honeymoon.

I love my incredibly handsome husband. 

On Ocean drive enjoying the night life and Cuban food. 

Trying to pose with these rescued lemurs. 

Ricardo always let me steal his drinks. I liked the mojito better than the pina colada hee hee.

  Having too much fun in our hotel room lol. 

It was really scary to jet ski in the ocean. I have a phobia of a fish touching me lol. The waves were big and it was really fun!

We were in the Ocean every day. The salt in the water helped clear my skin, was exfoliating, and gave me wavy hair. I loved it! I didn't have to style my hair I would just let it air dry. 

We went to the Elle Spa and Salon for a relaxing couples Swedish massage. 

This was one of the best birthdays I've had. I got a chance to jet ski in the ocean, lay on the beach while sipping on mojitos, kiss and hug a seal, watch dolphins do back flips, and eat lamb and duck for the first time. 

From my husband! This day was filled with many surprises.

 We had a lovely dinner at Scarpetta inside Fountainbleau.

I love my Markkit team!!! Thank you! 

I was really bummed to leave Miami. I'll never forget all of the memories Ricardo and I made on our honeymoon. Thank you for letting me share this with you. 

I recently got a Smashbook to keep all of the little memorabilia I like to save. I'll make a video soon how I easily put it together.

Muchos besos,
Belinda Selene Villa


  1. yay
    ! glad u had fun love! Miami is sooo pretty! gosh want to go there, even tho i have an ocean around the corner hehe, beautiful pictures! where did u edit them? what do u use?

    Love U ~~~ Monica @villemo20 instagram :)

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