Huge Markkit Sale!

Markkit is having a huge sale up to 75% OFF through their App right now! Click here to download the App. Don't miss out on some of the cutest items this year. Here are some of my favorite from the Belinda Selene Collection. 

(your pictures)

Thank you to all of my loves for all of your support. It makes me so happy that a little part of me is with you. Okay that sounded a bit creepy ha ha. I personally pick these items to be part of a collection that represents my sense of style, all for you. Whenever I wear any of these I feel like you guys are with me in spirit and it reminds me everyday why I turn on that camera. Thank you for sharing your pictures with me. I would love to like and comment on your Markkit posts. Use the hash tag #BelindaMarkkit so I can find it and thank you personally. 

Muchos besos,
Belinda Selene

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