What I Got For Christmas 2014

Merry Christmas loves! This has been an amazing year and I already have everything I ever need. Love and a healthy family. When I was little the most exciting part of Christmas was opening presents. As I get older the best part of Christmas is making beautiful memories and watching others open their presents. I put a lot of thought into my presents and even made my big tough brother-in-law cry. I wish I would have recorded it but I just wanted to live in the moment. 

I love seeing what other people get for Christmas because it gives me an insight of what they are like. It shows me their interests and hobbies. I think it describes them a little better. I think it's fun to watch, and though this would be a cute post. The only thing I really asked for was a new camera and maybe a purse lol.  A girl can never have too many of those. Here is what I got for Christmas!

A few wonderful things I got from my Siblings and Parents. As you can tell I love the color pink, sweets, candles, cute tea mugs, home decor, lotion (I'm a hand lotion freak), and purses! I also received some clothing and scarfs. 

I always get spoiled from Ricardo. This year the Hubby gave me my first Kate Spade (the one I really wanted and was sold out everywhere!), Olaf because it reminds us of our honeymoon, and a new camera! Oh yeah! Look at that strap! 

We got the Canon Rebel T5i around Thanksgiving and saved over $400 with a bundle special they were having. We were able to splurge a little that day. My sparkly camera strap is from Sam & Kate Design on Etsy. 

I received this pink gem in mail a few days before Christmas and did a happy dance hee hee. I am so proud of my friend Stephanie, from SLMissGlam, for coming out with her new line of beautiful make up brushes and eye lashes. They are extremely soft and I cannot wait to use them. These are a must for any girly girl like me. You can purchase them all here! Be on the lookout for a makeup tutorial with these beauties. 

One of the best surprises were from you guys! You made me cry over and over again. My heart is so happy and content. You guy know me so well. I loved all of the planner goodies and puppy cards! I could only fit half the pile in this picture. I also received a few packages which I really appreciate! I have already started writing back and will make sure each and every single one of you will get a Christmas card from me too! It's not too late to write to one another. Here is my address:

Belinda Selene
PO Box 3419 
Munster, IN 46321

I also received a sweet care package from Proactiv. I recently filmed a video with them and Eva in LA. It was a lot of fun! Make sure to subscribe to their YouTube channel to see me do a couple of DIY projects to decorate your dorm/bed room.

If you follow me on Instagram, @MissBelindaxox, then you probably already saw this. From my lovely Markkit team I received some very personal gifts. They know me so well and understand my love for the color pink! I received a cook book (not pictured) since I am a new wifey, pink hangers for my inspiration rack, a jewelry organizer for my Markkit collection accessories, and a large pink Longchamp Le Pilage tote bag. 

I am seriously obsessed and have been finding any excuse to wear it. There is plenty of room for my planner too. Doesn't Gingy look so cute you just want to squeeze her? No? Just me? okay...

And from the sweet people at Julep and Bando some more goodies to play with. By the way that eyeshadow palette is my life. I use it every single day. The "glow" shade compliments my skin tone so well. 

If you are not ready to say bye to the Christmas spirit here is a fun Get Ready With Me video on my Glam On A Budget series. I hope you enjoy it!

Comment down below and tell me what your favorite gift was this year! I would love to know!

Muchos Besos,
Belinda Selene and Family


  1. Some incredible gifts! That Kate Spade bag is absolutely gorgeous, and all those brushes look amazing!

    Lizzie // xBeautyMagic // Beauty Giveaway

  2. Hi Belinda! All of the gifts you got from family and friends were so sweet and thoughtful :) Especially the ones from your hubby and the handwritten notes! I hope you're having a lovely day.