Cute Outfit For Valentines Day

Valentines Day should be a day everyone can enjoy. Your Valentine should be someone you love, not just a boyfriend, girlfriend, wife, or husband. It can also be your Mom, bestie, or sibling. It's a day to make someone feel special. During the day while the hubby is working I sometimes spend the morning with a friend and we give each other sweet little gifts, and then go out for a nice dinner with Ricardo. We don't make this day a big deal. As long as Ricardo and I make each other feel a little more special on this day and make it fun that's all that counts. We celebrate our love for one another many times during the year not just this day. Remember to alway make each other feel special not just on Valentine's Day. It's still fun to dress up cute and enjoy the day. So here is my out of the ordinary outfit to stand out on this holiday. 

I wanted to keep it casual and classy. I can see my girlfriend and I eating lunch and having tea or coffee in this outfit. I usually I like to give a bag or box full of her favorite chocolates and a little gift, like a small perfume, nail polish, or makeup, along with a card. Keep it small and simple. It's the little things that count. 

I wanted a special occasion to wear this skirt just because it's super cute! I feel like Carrie Bradshaw in it. Here are outfit details.

Floral White Shirt - (past season)
"I'm With Cupid" Sweater - Target 
White Tull Skirt - Shoplatley 
Tali Crossbody in Taupe - Markkit
Kamryn Heels - JustFab

I would love to know who you are planning to make feel special on Valentine's Day and what plans you have in mind. Hey, even if it's snuggling on the couch watching Netflix with your fur baby. Here is another cute outfit by my friend Danika! Make sure to check out her blog at StyleByDanika

Muchos besos,
Belinda Selene


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