Best Foundation For Your Skin?

This is probably the most light weight foundation I have ever used. Smashbox did their homework on this one! But is it the best for your skin?

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I'm a girl how really can't stand a liquid foundation on her skin. I just feel like they are all so heavy and can practically hear my pores screaming mercy to take it off. After about a few hours my skin gets itchy and I feel sticky. It may also be that I have somewhat sensitive acne prone skin, and that I have the oiliest t-zone. I'm more of a powder foundation and concealer under my eyes kind of girl. As much as I love powder it doesn't always give you the most flawless concealer.

In collaborating with Smashbox, which by the way I had to pinch myself a few times, this was sent to me to review. To my surprise I actually went a full 10 hours wearing it and not thinking about it. Like I said before wearing liquid foundation is a constant reminder of how much my skin hates me for applying it in the first place.  So what are the benefits of using this foundation, you may ask?

First and most importantly since it is alcohol free you don't have to worry about cake face, cracking or drying out your skin. No one and I mean no one finds that attractive. And for those of us who suffer from greasy glands, it's oil free but still hydrating. Why is it called BB water? If you watched my video you can see how I only used a drop, which has almost the same consistency as water. One little drop can give you enough coverage for your full face. It blends great on your skin. Another hallelujah benefit is that it literally shields your face from harmful rays that you encounter everyday and didn't even notice. Yes it has SPF 30, which by the way most foundations only go up to SPF 15. You have to protect that gorgeous face of yours. And last, you are actually saving money because it has a built in primer, and we all know those can be just as much if not even more than the foundations themselves. It's a win win for me and honestly recommend it. If you decide to give it a try let me know what you think!


Muchos besos,
Belinda Selene


  1. I have bad skin problems. But now I am using Dermology skin care products and it has positive effects. Your skin color is looking natural. I'll definitely try this foundation.

  2. My skin is undoubtedly go through a terrific change in winter. It is too hard to keep your skin glowing in winters. I red few tips about winter makeup from Alysse Sterling Blog and it has many positive effects.

  3. I have oily skin, that's why I don't want wearing makeup because if I sweat everything will fall apart especially the face foundation. But judging from your review, I think smashbox BB foundation is worth a try, I don't want to be sorry for not giving it a try like the girls from review did.