How I Store My Stickers

I can get a little obsessive when it comes stationary. I own about a hundred different colored pens, but only use five. I have a drawer dedicated to my washi tape stash. Same goes with my stickers. My sticker collection was getting out of control and I needed a solution on how to store them. I found this to be the absolute best way to store them all!

 photo IMG_9175_zpsfuflei7k.jpg

If it's out of sight it's out of mind. If I can't see my stickers, there is no way I'm going to use them. I store my stickers in my Ikea Alex 9 Drawer and most of the time I forget what I have. I have stickers from my childhood until now and that's a huge collection ha ha. I have always loved stickers, scrapbooking, and crafts. I remember I would save my money and spend it on scrapbook supplies. I actually have about five finished scrapbooks. One of my favorite ones is one I made for Ricardo ten years ago literally out of scraps. I used a piece of  cardboard to make the cover and attached the pages with string. I drew and colored all of the embellishments by hand, cut them out, and used glue to attach them. But that story is for another time. I should do a blog post about it. Looking back now I'm actually quite proud of myself. I guess I have always been crafty like that.

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As I was saying, yes I have a huge sticker collection and needed to find the best way to store them. I use to use those index card storage folders they have at Target's One Dollar Spot but it didn't work for me. They were a bit too bulky and it took me longer to take out each sticker page and see if I wanted to use it than actually decorating with them inside my planner.

 photo IMG_9177_zpskrolu4mn.jpg 

 photo IMG_9178_zpsva9zbfb3.jpg

 photo IMG_9186_zpsdpyudb79.jpg

 photo IMG_9187_zpsdagxe2fw.jpg

 I threw that idea out of the window. My other idea was to buy a binder and insert transparent sheet protectors but noticed the stickers would move a lot and it looked sloppy to me. I did a little more brainstorming and thought of a photo album. The material in between the protecting clear sheet helped the stickers stay in place. I also noticed photo albums have quite a lot of pages to store a lot of stickers. I can easily flip through them and see what stickers I want to use. I bought a few 4"x7" albums for only $1.00 at Walmart. For the bigger sheets of stickers I bought an 8"x8" scrapbook album from Joann for about $10.00 but I had a 60% off coupon!

 photo IMG_8820_zpsiddhl7rz.jpg

I store the smaller albums inside my desk drawer for easy access. They are the stickers I use on a daily basis and are meant to remind me daily tasks instead of just decoration. Some of my favorite are from SweetKawaiiDesign on Etsy. You guys should check her out! By using the code "missbelindaxox" you can get 10% off your order.

 photo IMG_8810_zpsxmnqcipp.jpg

 photo IMG_9185_zpsqna5d5ov.jpg

I recently did a sticker haul on some of my favorite Etsy sticker shops. It makes planning my agenda a lot easier and motivating. It's seriously such a fun hobby!

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    1. I will have to check it out! Thank you for stoping by my blog. Hugs!

    2. Where can I find the link to the disney princesses and kate spade printables from your youtube vid?

  2. Ok two things, that lipstick, amazing, and your brown eyes? Bam! I like them better like that!

    1. Ha ha thank you! Can you tell I'm excited about Fall, I can actually wear makeup and it won't melt off ha ha.

  3. omg belinda i'm in love with your videos and your defiantly the planning queen i just love how you organize thing and how you make your planner look so good and i love your snapchat Q&A and i would love it if you check out my blog : ❀

    love you

  4. Hi Belinda! :) I tried to find your youtube video where you used an etsy shop stickers that starts with the letter P ... Pink something??? All I remember is that you said in the video that she hand draws them herself and that they are so cute. Can you please tell me the name of the etsy shop?

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  6. Hi Belinda,
    I love ALL your YouTube videos and thought to come check out your blog and I must say.... I am SUPER impressed. You have done an awesome job. If I could give you a "Great Job" sticker (like the ones teachers give kids) I definitely would. Congrats on your success with your videos and blog.
    Peace out girlie 🌷

  7. Hi Belinda I am Elda. I would like to know who are the winners for the youtube, facebook, and thae instagram giveaway.