6 Cute Summer to Fall Outfits

Fall is just around the corner and personally my closet isn't ready for the transition just yet. I still have some warmer clothes I want to wear before the change. Here are cute ways to wear both your favorite pair of ripped high-waisted denim shorts along with cute sweaters.

 photo summertofall_zpsx19hmltp.jpg

I love a flannel shirt, cozy sweaters, and riding boots as much as the next girl, but let's be real it's not that cold yet. I live up north where the weather changes dramatically. I'm talking about all four season in one week. That's how I have so much experience with what to wear when in between seasons. I like to think of myself an expert in this fashion field ha ha. With a change in the wind everyone is getting sick around me. Crossing my fingers I don't catch anything. Ricardo is already getting a scratchy throat, yikes. To some people leaping from Summer to Autumn can be hot and humid who wear shorts. To others it means fetching a light sweater and riding boots. Here's my take on how to make all of these option work. Which one is your favorite?

If you follow me on Instagram @BelindaSelene than you are pretty much aware of my struggle today.  What many people don't know is how long editing a video takes. Of course it depends on the type of video, but with the transitions, music, shots, image editing, and much more it can take a few hours. In this case, this video took me five hours to edit and my computer thought it would be the perfect time to shut down and loose all of my work. I text Ricardo right away and tried not to freak out. Talking to him made me realize if that's the worse thing that can happen to me, then I have it pretty good. He was right! That's why I love him so much. I didn't want this to ruin my whole day. You choose the outcome of a situation and how it makes you feel. My in-laws came over for a lovely dinner I prepared and had a great night talking and laughing. They fell in love with our new dinning room table btw. Then I sat my happy butt down and got to work. It's currently 2:21am in the middle of the night and just about to finish editing. Don't let things that can be fixed get you down. I almost did. It was frustrating but I didn't let my frustration determine how my whole day would have been if I let it get to me and you shouldn't either. We all have bad days.

 photo IMG_9405_zpsfwziesea.jpg

 photo IMG_943122_zps1u3vho6q.jpg

Sweater - Nordstrom
Ladies First Shift Dress - Tobi
Michael Kors Bag - Nordstrom
Leg Warmers - Target
Maliah Boots - Shoedazzle 

 photo IMG_860_zpsrnrlvylq.png

Black Floppy Hat - Nordstrom
Beverly Twisted Hi Low Top - Tobi
Sunset Denim Shorts - Tobi

 photo IMG_95099_zpsebfjzhxv.jpg

Faith and Hope Top - Tobi
Double Zipper Leggings - Express 
Wedged Heels - Shoedazzle

 photo IMG_91040_zps00qmpu9y.png

Living Legends Muscle Tank - Tobi
Red Flannel Top - Nordstrom
Black Ripped Jeggins - Fashion Nova
Shoes - Shoedazzle

 photo IMG_91947_zps5pfnldax.jpg

Sweater - Tobi
Ready and Loaded Tank Top - Tobi
Sunset Denim Shorts - Tobi
Shoes - Shoedazzle

 photo IMG_9483_zpscwqy5lhs.jpg

Sweater - Target 
Divine Love Skirt - Tobi 
Leg Warmers - Target
Boots - JustFab

 photo IMG_9421_zpsozjegria.jpg

I forgot to take pictures of the last outfit, and as I was editing this blog post I noticed. I love coming up with different outfits that you can incorporate both your warm and cold clothes with. Maybe some of these will make way to your closet. Tobi is one of my absolute favorite online clothing stores since the material is great quality and true to size. This is a picture Ricardo took on this beautiful day when we shot the video in the park. 

Muchos Besos,
Belinda Selene


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  1. Hi, Belinda! I love your ideas for outfits to transition from summer to fall. Here in the southern midwest, it is still really hot/sunny...but we are moving up north next weekend and I'm SO excited about cooler weather!

    My son keeps catching colds from other kiddos...now hubby and I have lost our voices LOL But we're getting better and I wish you and Ricardo to feel well, too.

    My favorite outfit that you put together is the one with the pink dress! I love how you wore it with tall boots and leg warmers. I'd never heard of Tobi, but I just checked them out and I see so many things I like on their site (like that turtleneck bodysuit with the back out *_*). Thanks for sharing this!

    Also, I know how it feels to work so hard on something and have to start all over...this has happened to me with videos, blog posts, homework, family photo editing, client projects...So stressful, but I'm happy to hear you're pushing through!! xo

  2. I love the skirt outfit with tall boots! I've been wanting to try this, I have all the items in my closet, and after seeing it here I will definitely have to!

  3. Love all the outfits! What's the name of the wedges in the 3rd pic? <3

  4. What are you wearing under the Faith and Hope top in outfit #3? So cute and makes it a little edgy! Love them all!

  5. Love you Belinda♥♥my blog https://ilanna07.wordpress.com/?page_id=12&preview=true&preview_id=12

  6. Love you Belinda♥♥my blog https://ilanna07.wordpress.com/?page_id=12&preview=true&preview_id=12

  7. Love your whole collection. Specially I like outfit #1 because of your accessories. Your long boots and Michael hand purse.