Tropical Vacation Outfit Ideas

If you are planning to take a tropical vacation soon and need major inspiration for bronzed goddess bohemian vibes, you came to the right place! Because after all, you will be taking a lot of pictures and you want to make sure you feel and look great. Pictures last forever. Here are some great outfits you need right now! 

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Vacations are always exciting! Even the weeks you anticipate to arrive at your destination can be enjoyable. I look forward to my trips the minute they are booked. It doesn't matter if it's months ahead or just a few weeks. I personally love planning all of my outfits way ahead of time. I'm sure every woman reading this loves retail therapy. It gives me an excuse to shop plus I don't feel the stress of trying to find last minute outfits.

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We flew out to the islands of Florida in KeyWest with the whole tribe for a dream wedding. The weather and ambiance of this treasure island was complete paradise. During the day we explored and soaked up the sun. By night it was all about great food, drinks, and music. The wedding was a scene from a romantic novel. The bride was absolutely stunning! I have known her since I was eight and felt so honored to be by her side when she married the love of her life. I have never seen her this happy in all of the eighteen years together as friends.

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Make every moment count and I'm sure you will want to capture them on film too. That is why I plan all of my outfits weeks before my trip. I want to look back on these memories and love every single picture.  I find it easier to shop online for the best outfits since they tend to be more unique. It makes it more convinient if you have little ones or just too busy and not patient to go to a million store trying to find the perfect boho skirt. I have been there and stressed myself out. The only place I found something was forever 21. Then my friends Ashley and I got frustrated because they ran out of our sizes. I have been receiving a lot of questions asking where I purchased mine and here they are.

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Always go for prints! They flatter any body, shape, and size. They do a great job of hiding the things you only notice. Long maxi dresses and skirts will keep you cooled since they are mostly made out of thin fabric which air can flow through. Wear comfortable thin shorts from the same material. I promise you won't regret it. No need for sticky clothes and uncomfortable wedgies.

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There is probably going to be a lot of thick humidity make sure you also come prepared with the right makeup if you want to look glam. This Estee Lauder Double Wear foundation has been my holy grail all Summer long. It's sweat proof! The evidence is in all of my pictures. I'm very tan right now and in the shade Honey Bronze 4W1 but in the Fall will probably transition to Tawny.  I also recommend a water proof eyeliner so you don't end up with eyelids like Red, from Orange is The New Black  ha ha.

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Traveling to new destinations changes you. In the best possible way too because you step into a place that is unknown and unfamiliar. Wether it's flying on a plane or getting lost you start to overcome certain fears. It forces you to connect with people and learn new cultures. You embark on new adventures too.

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For example when we were all on the boat, my Husband Ricardo, clearly told me he didn't want to go parasailing because he started feeling anxiety. I remember how scared I was too a few months ago when I first tried it and didn't want to pressure him. But I also remember how beautiful and peaceful it was. One of our good friends was scared too but went on anyways conquering his fear of heights and drops. Our friend enjoyed it so much he was laughing and screaming with joy. Once he came down to the boat he encouraged Ricardo to get on too. It was the absolute best time in the middle of the sea soaring through the salty breeze holding hands together and admiring the beautiful island. Ricardo was laughing non stop and enjoyed every minute of it. After that he told me that he felt like he could do anything. We went snorkeling in the reef, where we spotted a large school of blue fish. We went jet skiing skipping fast through the waves. The rest of that day we danced  and had drinks with strangers that became friends as we sailed thought the ocean.

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I hope you guys enjoyed this post. Tell me about your last trip in the comments below and what you got out of it. I would love to read it and get ideas of where our next destination should be.

Muchos besos,
Belinda Selene Villa


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