Beauty Room Tour

I have always dreamed of a walk in closet big enough to display my purses, shoes, clothes, and accessories. Along with a beautiful lit vanity and endless makeup collection. If you are reading this I'm sure you have too. We have a spare bedroom in our house I converted into just that. I didn't hold back with what I wanted and everything came out beautiful just like I imagined it while on a budget.

Happy first day of Fall! It is officially time to bust out your plaid shirts and start consuming everything pumpkin spice. Did you notice my banner and picture changed? I'm trying to keep up with festival themes because why not? right. Going off subject here, but I love Fall probably just as much as I love Summer. Sorry hot days on the beach and barbecues beat leaves on the ground for me. 

About a month ago my room came tumbling down and I took it as a sign from above to revamp my Glam Room. With the help of my Dad and Hubby in just a short weekend, we were able to make my visions for a beauty escape room possible. Plus it does help that this is my work space and since I do work from home, Ricardo had no problem saying yes to everything I wanted. We set a budget together and was able to get furniture that was both functional, clean, and beautiful. The results were everything I wanted. Take a look for yourself. Here is my Glam Room Tour.

This is what it looked like before we started to re-do this room. As much as I loved the room before it all fell apart, it wasn't exactly what I wanted. The furniture didn't match since they were from my previous apartment. I made it work with what I had but it lacked tons of storage, which accumulated unnecessary mess. Within a week I think that single room got too hot during the Summer and whatever was on that wall came down due to using the wrong nails when we hung up the shelf and curtains. When the shelf came down it broke both bookshelves where my shoes were stored and displayed. My vanity also fell apart. Let's just say my makeup collection was out of control and it couldn't keep up with it. 

In one weekend we were able to convert it into what I have always wanted. It gave me a chance to declutter and get rid of items I no longer wanted. I am reselling some of them on an app called Mercari. If you use the code "VGYKRZ" you can get $2 credit instantly. Here it is after we painted the walls white and built the bookshelves.

Here are the final results. I am so in love. Surprisingly it has encouraged me to keep it clean and leave clutter out. The bookshelves with the glass doors are from Ikea called Billy Bookcases. You have to purchase the glass doors separately at Ikea and attach them. 

I hope this gave you a little inspiration for a spare room or walk in closet in your house. Every girl needs one. Thank you for stopping by my blog.

Muchos Besos,
Belinda Selene



  1. I really like it very classy and chic
    xoxo from bbf

  2. Hi where did u get the planner with the plane on it

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