A year ago I had a horrible experience at a hair salon. It was extremely damaged from bleaching it too long and I thought I would have to chop it all off. Luckily I was able to find products and supplements that helped recover my hair for stronger, longer, and healthier hair. Here's my story.

This was one of my worse experiences at a hair salon. I share my full experience in this video going more into detail with what happened. To sum it up for you, the hair stylists were too busy and had too many clients to pay their full attention to everyone. Unfortunately, I ended up with fried hair. I panicked once I saw how short it was cut to hide the damage to my hair in the back.

I had two choices, wallow in misery and go yell at my hairstylist who couldn't add anymore hair to what I already had. Or do research and find what products will work to recover from the damage. If you are reading this, you are probably doing the same.

Here is my journey and how I was able to get gorgeous healthy hair in a year. These are the best products that worked for me. Nothing will work over night, please remember that it takes time for your hair to heal and for these products to actually work.

-The first thing I did was to dye my hair as close to my natural hair color as possible to prevent having to do any dye touch-ups through the year. No more dying my hair! I just wanted it to grow out.

-Next step was to start taking vitamins. I saw a big difference once I switch to Nature's Bounty Hair, Skin, & Nails. Plus they are super yummy gummies too.

-I try to do hair masks at night once a week. There are several that are nice but nothing beats cold-press coconut oil. You can find it at any grocery store and it's super cheap. I grab less than a dime size and add it to my roots and tips of my hair. I have a dry scalp and this helps with dandruff, but if you have more of a greasy scalp skip the roots of your hair. 

-I did a one-time hair treatment to bring back the protein in my hair. It's a very intense treatment and would recommend to only do it once or twice a year. The one I use is from Nexxus Keraphix Gel.

-Of course, try to prevent from adding too much heat to your hair with hot hair tools or blow dyer. To do this I either let my hair air-dry or put my hair up. I have two go-to hair styles that allow my hair to get breaks. One is a side braid and the other is a bun.

-Take advantage that your hair isn't down and add a leave in hair conditioner while it's up. That way it will work it's magic and treat your hair at the same time without any effort. I listed some of my favorites below. And lastly, as much as we don't want to add heat to our hair sometimes we want to curl or straightener our hair. Use a heat tamer spray to protect your hair from the heat prior to styling it. My favorite one is the Kenra Platinum Blow Dryer Spray. Once I have finished styling my hair I always like to add something extra to the ends of my hair to keep them from drying too much and splitting. My holy grail serum is the Kiehl's Smoothing Oil-infused Leave-in Concentrate.

Below I listed my favorite brand of styling tools. These don't tug on your hair and are super smooth! Plus you can easily adjust the temperate on the device to keep it low. They are definelty an investment on my hair and would re-purchase them immediately if they ever broke. An added bonus is how beautiful they look on your vanity.

I hope this post helps you out. I have used all of these tips and products to the max to get great results. The number one thing I do recommend is to get yourself a good vitamin to help with hair growth. That's what worked best for me. Good luck!

Muchos besos, Belinda Selene



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